Monday, 21 September 2009


Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, SORRY!

I've been RUBBISH at blogging lately. On the one hand it's a GOOD THING as it means I must have been sleeping better. (You'll see that most of my posts, like this one, are knocked out in the wee smalls as chronic insomnia takes hold.) On the other it means I've had nothing going on that's inspired me to put fingers to keyboard. As I say, MUST TRY HARDER.

Just to update you with what has been going on...

Mr M's Mum is undergoing weekly chemo sessions, she's halfway through her six weeks of treatment and feeling pretty fed-up.

Moonshine Major is now a TEENAGER, his voice is breaking, his feet are enormous (no more "cheap" children's clothes, we're into men's shoes and shirts now) and he's only half an inch shorter than me.

Moonshine Minor is now into double digits and is in his FINAL YEAR in primary school. My babies are growing up far too quickly and although they are wonderful, great fun, good company and really very well behaved (all things considered!) I do miss their younger selves.

Mr M's company has won some work in Acklington, so he will be staying away from home more often than of late. This is a BAD THING, he hates it, but it does give me a chance to watch ridiculous girly TV without snorts of derision.

We have, at long last succumbed to the lure of Sky TV. Brought about by the demise of our Freeview box and subsequent loss of any watchable telly. This of course means that my choice of the aforementioned ridiculous girly TV has increased exponentially and I will be faced with the dilemma of which of my Style and Culture programmes to watch.

The BGF has moved house. She's still in Stafford but no longer "just round the corner", so I'm seeing a little less of her. This does have its benefits as it means I'm spending more time at home and am getting more jobs done around the house. The down side of which is that I seem to be doing less scrapping than ever.

Our next door neighbours, who moved in the week after we did, have decided to move on and their house is on the market. This is a BAD THING and I'm really sad to see them go as they have been both good neighbours and friends. They are also staying in Stafford and we have promised to keep in touch, but you know what it's like...

Our sort-of neighbours on the other side, in the bungalow, as we call it (they actually live on the street behind us, we're much higher up so the roof of their house is level with the ground floor of ours so looks like a bungalow from our garden) are also moving. This is a GOOD THING as they are NOISY neighbours - late night parties, loud music and don't get me started on the trampoline!!!!

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head so update over and back to the matter in hand - Scrapping.

In my last post I mentioned that I had a cunning plan to facilitate more (given the pathetic output from my scrapping room we can now take that to mean any) scrapbooking. Well this is my cunning plan, a plan so cunning I shall call it Mr. Fox... (thank you Blackadder - always one of my favourite lines.)


Sad lack of scrapping due to lack of printed photographs


Print off photos (Dur!)


Too many photos to print at home and my HP printer gives everyone nuked-on-a-sunbed skin tones

Solution (Code name Mr. Fox)

Sort out photos and upload them to Photobox to do the necessary, then look forward to the arrival of my package of pics which I can scrap as the mood, inspiration or insomnia takes me.


See what I mean, how cunning is that, faultless and foolproof. Now all I need to do is go through my 3000 photos on file and pick out the ones that I want... Ah Baldrick now I see the slight flaw in the plan...

Not to worry... I'll get round to it...


  1. Hi Maisie,

    It is nice to hear from you :-)
    It is scary how quickly children grow up isn't it! My "baby" started primary school last week - eeek!
    I hope you are well, and that you find some time for some scrapping soon!

    Rose XXX

  2. Morning Maisie,
    I can see the woes of ageing children have landed on your shoulders. Still don't let it get to you- there are lots more hurdles to get over yet. I'll give you an example or three. ---- After the voice break comes the possiblity of the dreaded lurgy SPOTS. closely followed by the even worse lurgy of GIRLS, not of course forgetting the MOST IMPORTANT (fanfare) S H A V I N G. (you'll have to tell Mr.M to hide his razor at this point). See you've got lots of exciting things to look forward to.

    So you see it's not all bad, you just need an adequate supply of lotions, tissues, and plasters. Enjoy----------------I did.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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