Monday, 25 May 2009


I'm in the middle of doing a layout of a young M- riding his trike on the patio at our old house. I'd seen a digital layout in May's Scrapbook Inspirations which I'm "reinterpreting" in traditional scrapbooking and I want to have quite a busy layout with lots of embellies.

I've seen that quite a few manufacturers have produced journaling tickets, useful for adding small amounts of journaling such as names and dates. Well, none of my local craft stores stock any of the manufacturers in question, and I didn't want to do an internet shop, so I thought how about doing it myself? I'm pretty good at mucking about with stuff in Microsoft Office so I gave it a go, and about two hours later, ta dah...

Maisie Moonshine's Journaling Tickets

and a close up...

Maisie Moonshine's Journaling Tickets up-close

Not bad eh? I created them in PowerPoint using a downloaded frame, inserted some drawing shapes, numbers and clipart then saved the slide as a .jpg, opened up my CraftRobo software, imported the .jpg file, switched on the registration marks, traced the shapes, printed the sheet then ran it through the CraftRobo to cut them out and Bob's your next door neighbour there we have 'em. EASY AS THAT!

My next project will be to redesign them so that the clipart image is on the left of the ticket so that they can be tucked under layers on the left hand side of the layout.

Maybe I could make some to sell on ETSY or MISI? Hmmm deep thought required.

I'll post a picture of the layout when it's done, I've hit scrapper's block with it at the moment, it's almost there but still needs some more embellies which I can't decide about. Flowers are no good and I've tried road sign clipart, downloaded, printed off and then coated with Dimensional Magic, and although they look good the red is too scarlet for this particular layout - Oh no, we're back to the difficult reds again! I'll keep looking at it on the desk until inspiration strikes (hopefully).

I've got to say Mr M and I are making the most of the lovely weather (the second Bank Holiday with sun - blimey!) and if you hop over to Maisie, Maisie, Garden Crazy you'll see what we've been doing that's kept me away from the craft room...

Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Friday, 15 May 2009


Mae West
Bras girls. What is it with bras? Apparently, on average we girls own 16 bras at any one time, but the individual bra only gets washed 6 times a year.

I can't quite get my head round the washing part - I'm sure that can't be right - but as for the 16 well let's think... there's the Shock Absorber sports bra, the white lacy, the other white lacy, the other white lacy that's given in to gravity, the other not so white lacy , the plain white that gives the unattractive 4 boob look if you bend over in it, the gorgeous white lacy with shocking pink flowers, the cream lacy with peach flowers (Mmm - nice but slightly too small) the blue scalloped lacy, the pale green silk floral, the black lacy, the black not lacy, the black halterneck, the black strapless, the black long line, the favourite black and pink burlesque stylie, the pink lacy, the red (racy) lacy. Well blow me if that isn't 18 bras - but the problem is that I've lost over a stone in weight since Christmas and have gone down a back size, so all my lovely bras are now too big and ride up at the back so my boobs end up on a level with my elbows - This is is not a good look!

So what's a girl to do? I've been on a quest to find some nice new uplifting white bras at reasonable prices - I don't want any of the currently trendy formed cups, for reasons which will become clear. I've been everywhere, tried on about 20 bras (all in fitting rooms with dodgy curtains - don't you just hate trying on bras!) and they're either too big on the back, too small on the cup or vice versa.

In desperation, and on The BGF's advice, - I think she was getting fed up with the whole bra shopping thing to be honest! I've been to our local lingerie specialists and been fitted properly, coming home with two new (one white, one flesh toned) bras which fit beautifully, and cost a fortune, of course. BUT I've gone UP ANOTHER CUP SIZE to 36 F - I mean F - How can you lose a stone and GO UP A CUP SIZE? IT'S JUST NOT NATURAL! So if anyone knows of any bust reducing exercises please let me know! I mean, it is reassuring to know that I'm in no danger of drowning off the coast of Skegness this summer, but I do wish Mae would go and take up residence in someone who wants/needs her!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Busy, busy, busy - so much to do so little time.

Just a quickie today... with all the excitement of our trip to Wales to visit Mum-in-Law in hospital I completely forgot to mention that we bought a RED THINGY for the coffee table.

And here it is...

Red Thingy

And here it is from a different angle...

Red Thingy Again

It's a piece of Murano glass with gorgeous lustre wear swirls inside, and although it's not exactly the undefinable shade of blacky-red that I was looking for, we both liked it when we saw it and that was that.

I also promised I would let you know how Basic Beading went last Thursday afternoon. Well, it was a very select bunch of ladies, just the four of us plus the lecturer and I was the baby of the group. They all made me feel very welcome and we had a lovely couple of hours designing and making our own Fimo beads. Believe it or not I had never played with Fimo before so I had a ball (groan!) trying something new. Carole our lecturer was very patient (I'm incredibly ham fisted) and gave me some good suggestions for colour mixes.

Here are my unique, hand-rolled, if slightly grungy, beads - I've got to say I'm really pleased with them and I suspect this could be the start of a love affair with Fimo - I'm thinking embellies, bespoke buttons, swirls and twirls... the sky's my onion.

Funky Fimo

Whenever I've had a spare momment (waiting in the car for M- to finish cricket training) I've been working on some shabby-chic fabric flowers. Here's my favourite.

Shabby-chic fabric'n'felt flower

Oh yes, I should also mention that these last two photos were taken with my SUPER DUPER new camera (thank you Mr M - Happy Anniversary! xx) - which is FAB - I love it - I can now get close-ups which are IN FOCUS!!! But you'll hear more about that another time.

Must dash, busy, busy...

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Yesterday was our 14th Wedding Anniversary. As it turned out it was a pretty rubbish day for both of us, but for entirely different reasons. Needless to say, we got through it, like the last 14 years, with a bit of mutual support, a few more than average cuddles - and - remarkably - no alcohol! (Obviously the no alcohol bit was just yesterday - not the last 14 years - we've got kids we'd never have managed that!) We have pencilled in a promise to try and celebrate properly at the weekend! We did however take the plunge and order a BRAND NEW CAMERA!

We've been looking for one for ages as I wanted something better for my scrapbooking, but it was Red Kitegate that finally tolled the death knell for the old Fugi Finepix and its NOT VERY ZOOMY ZOOM. We've settled on a bridge camera (neither compact nor DSLR but a sort of hybrid) which has a staggering 26x zoom and can allegedly take close-ups from 1cm away - we'll see! Watch this space (and my other blogs come to that.)

I did surpass myself and MAKE an anniversary card. It was a bit of a last minute job (May 6th kind of crept up on me unawares this year - I hope to the god of last minute shopping that Christmas doesn't do the same!) and is nowhere near the standard of the other gorgeous things you'll find elsewhere on the internets but just to show that I have been crafting here it is...

Anniversary Card

I faffed around with it for ages in Photoshop but when I printed it out we looked liked we'd spent the morning on a very hot sunbed rather than in church - my printer just doesn't seem to like skin tones - I'll have to check out the local print shop alternatives.

Here's a detail shot - when the new camera comes my close-ups will be sooooo sharp you'll be able to see the fibres in the paper...

Anniversary Card Detail

I had chosen the embellies to reflect our bridesmaids' colours (green and purple - sounds vile but was really lovely) you can't tell from the picture as the tiny blooms (deconstructed artificials - see previous post "Pulling the Heads off Daisies") look blue. But GUESS WHAT? Even after 14 years and with probably the worst memory in the history of the world Mr M REMEMBERED!!!!

Next week is Mr M's birthday - and I have at last decided what to get - without resorting to the socks/ties/CDs fall back position. I can't tell you what it is yet as Mr M sometimes pops in to see what I'm up to in Blogland. I think it's inspired - you'll think it's bizarre - but Mr. M will think it's the best thing since sliced bread!

May is also the birth month of my Bezzie Mate from my Birmingham Poly days and I almost always forget to send her a card - SHAMEFUL I know!. We haven't seen each other for 6 years now and really must do something about that. This year however I am not only sending a card but making it with my own fair hands - this is it so far...

Work in progress

The colours aren't great in the pic as the card is sitting under my desk lamp but it's really bright and funky and the Trimcraft Smirk butterfly ribbon goes with it really well. You can see the corner of the latest (June, Pg 83) copy of Papercraft Inspirations open on the desk, this is where I found the technique for the folded pocket card - have a go it's dead easy and I think it would be a fun card for kids to make and fill with cool stuff. The one for my friend will have tea & biscuits tucked in the pockets as when we shared a student house tea formed a major part of Ali's diet! I really miss her you know.

I'm hoping to have a really fun afternoon. The BGF is on a course at the moment learning how to become a learning for life lecturer and one of her classmates teaches arts & crafts. The BGF took the minibook "to school" to show her (Gulp!) and she says that she could teach me some techniques which would save me money on stash - well I'm all for that as by applying MY MUM'S CREATIVE ACCOUNTANCY THEOREM - money saved on the one hand can be spent on something else. So this afternoon I'm signing up for a ten week course on Basic Beading - I'm looking forward to it but I MUST REMEMBER MY READING GLASSES or it will be a case of the talented leading the visually challenged!

I'll let you know how I get on.

Gentle Reminder (or act of desperation?)

Please pop over to my challenge blog Maisie Moonshines Mojo Monthly (link near top of side bar) and come and play with me...

Sunday, 3 May 2009


As yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day I had intended to spend the day - well - scrapping - obviously. But you know what it's like, there's the bins to put out, the laundry to sort, wash and peg out, lunch to cook, menfolk to in the end it was obvious that there was ne'er a scrap of scrapping likely to be scrapped. So I scrapped the whole idea and persuaded Mr M to indulge me in my other passion STASH SHOPPING!!!

A quick trip to my newly found, and very favourite, craft shop - Gifts from the Heart Craft Barn and a very HAPPY 20 minutes of mooching (Mr M was waiting outside in the Moonshine Mobile - I didn't want to push my luck!) I picked up this lovely bunch of goodies...

Yummy Stash

Left to Right from the top:

Around The Block - Springtime & Memories

Black Market Paper Society - Let it Bloom - Celsie Jade & Cassia May

Favourite Findings - Shellz

Junkitz - Flower-ful - Words

Prima - Iron Orchid Designs, Angelique Collection - Angel Kisses

Hero Arts - Sparkle Clear Stamps - Coffee

O'Scrap - O Jellies - Life is Good

Felt Heart - Enchante

Book Rings

Crate Paper - Crate Avenue Collection - Trendy (I thought of you when I saw this, Sue)

Yummmy stuff! Can't wait to get started... wonder if I'll get any scrapping done today?

Oh crikey! I almost forgot. Tomorrow sees the "launch" of my Challenge blog Maisie Moonshine's Mojo Monthly click here if you'd like a sneak preview. I do hope you'll come and play!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

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