Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Busy, busy, busy - so much to do so little time.

Just a quickie today... with all the excitement of our trip to Wales to visit Mum-in-Law in hospital I completely forgot to mention that we bought a RED THINGY for the coffee table.

And here it is...

Red Thingy

And here it is from a different angle...

Red Thingy Again

It's a piece of Murano glass with gorgeous lustre wear swirls inside, and although it's not exactly the undefinable shade of blacky-red that I was looking for, we both liked it when we saw it and that was that.

I also promised I would let you know how Basic Beading went last Thursday afternoon. Well, it was a very select bunch of ladies, just the four of us plus the lecturer and I was the baby of the group. They all made me feel very welcome and we had a lovely couple of hours designing and making our own Fimo beads. Believe it or not I had never played with Fimo before so I had a ball (groan!) trying something new. Carole our lecturer was very patient (I'm incredibly ham fisted) and gave me some good suggestions for colour mixes.

Here are my unique, hand-rolled, if slightly grungy, beads - I've got to say I'm really pleased with them and I suspect this could be the start of a love affair with Fimo - I'm thinking embellies, bespoke buttons, swirls and twirls... the sky's my onion.

Funky Fimo

Whenever I've had a spare momment (waiting in the car for M- to finish cricket training) I've been working on some shabby-chic fabric flowers. Here's my favourite.

Shabby-chic fabric'n'felt flower

Oh yes, I should also mention that these last two photos were taken with my SUPER DUPER new camera (thank you Mr M - Happy Anniversary! xx) - which is FAB - I love it - I can now get close-ups which are IN FOCUS!!! But you'll hear more about that another time.

Must dash, busy, busy...


  1. Wow . How does it feel to be multi-talented? Your beads look good. How are you going to use them? I like your shabby -chic flower. Yippee I'm so glad you managed to find your Red Thingy it looks INTERESTING.
    Now you'll have to start looking for something else- now that's a project.

  2. flowers are lovely :-)

    how you do that "when you have a minute" I'll never know!

    Rose XXX

  3. OK so here is your first bead/button commission. I will need two buttons or a dangly bead thingy for a biscornu, yet to be designed/chosen. How are you fixed? Love the shabby chick button you will have to teach me how to do one of those. Maybe a tutorial post is in order?

  4. Hi Jen. Let me know what colours and I'll see what I can do.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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