Sunday, 28 February 2010


Since I last blogged (and believe me I hadn't intended it to take so long to blog again!) SO many things have happened. But more of that another time. I'll carry on with my story...

I left you with things having snowballed vis-a-vis the owls / craft thingy (sorry, that has turned out to be no joke given the dreadful winter we're having!)

Well, at the beginning of October I had the mad idea of getting together enough stock to run a craft stall at the annual Christmas Craft & Gift Fair at Moonshine Major's school. (Scheduled for 29th November) Could I do it? Should I do it? Mr Moonshine was prepared to back the initial outlay on felt and materials, I had loads of crafty bits just sitting there in my craft room ... why not give it a go... and so Maisie Moonshine's Handmade Crafts Emporium was born, over tea, toast and tayberry jam one Sunday breakfast time.

There followed of course a frantic scramble to get together enough stock, felt owls, cupcakes, Christmas decorations, bookmarks, phone charms, place setting holders, photo clips, calendars and decorated sweetie jars to put on a decent show.

Of course nothing ever runs smoothly and for a week or so in the middle of November the whole fair was in doubt as there were not enough stall holders to make it worth while. I couldn't believe it! All that effort for nothing! Hang on, what on earth was I going to do with 16 owls, cupcakes, calendars etc, etc? Well everybody's Christmas presents would be sorted!

PING! lightbulb moment - I could sell them on the internet, either on my own site or through Folksy - or both...

A little bit of surfing the web and doing some research opened a whole new can of worms, the biggest of which was that as soon as you start to sell anything you have made on the net you are "Trading" and so have to register as Self Employed - with all the stress and hassle that involves.

Thankfully, having rung around anyone I could think of who might be interested in running a stall at the fair the news came through that the fair was back on. PHEWWW!

By working all hours and pretty much giving up on doing any Christmas shopping I was ready in time.

And here is a photo of my stall.

Stall at Craft Fair

I had a great afternoon. Mum came over to help me out and give me some moral support! (Thanks Mum!). The afternoon passed quickly, although there didn't seem to be many people shopping. I've got to say that The BGF was one of my best customers and some of my other girl friends rallied round to show their support. I did actually have a very successful afternoon, even picking up some orders along the way.

So Maisie Moonshine's Handmade Crafts Emporium is definitely in business, you can visit my shop by clicking here , and soon by clicking on my shop button on the sidebar.


  1. LOvely to read your blog again. I do hope your business venture is a success. Very best wishes.

  2. Congratulations, soooooo glad the day was finally a success, good luck for your future ventures (((((HUGS ))))) XXXX


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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