Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hello - Hello? I'm back... Is there anybody there?

Well what can I say in my defence? It has been more than a year since I last Blogged and I’M SORRY I just disappeared from the ether without a word... but my goodness what a year it has been!

The main news is that the Moonshine Tribe has upped sticks and moved house – and the reason for my dismal blogging failure was that the whole selling, buying moving thing was so hideously stressful that I got lost for a while and just didn’t feel that I had anything happy/positive to say.
All that (thankfully) is behind us now and I can (almost) smile about some of the more ridiculous aspects of it all; but suffice to say that Mrs Lipstick and Mr and Mrs Down Right Rude had better NEVER cross my path again!!!

Anyway - to catch up...we have moved out of Stafford and now live in the country, in a lovely village (runner up in the Staffordshire Best Kept Village competition and locally “famous for Christmas lights”).

Our new home is lovely; we’ve been here nine months and have pretty much settled in. Everywhere is still painted builder’s magnolia but as yet I have no mad urge to find the rollers, dust sheets and check out the colour charts. Even so here feels more like home after nine months than the old house did after seven years. I’m so happy here and although Moonshines Major and Minor are away from their mates they are still at the same school and Ma Moonshine’s Taxi Service can make the journey back to the old stamping ground in 15 minutes with a following wind.

So what else is news? In brief Mr Moonshine is an even more Very Important Person, Moonshine Major has started his GCSEs (aargh!) is four inches taller than me (!!) and has developed the art of the lie in to Turner Prize winning proportions (1:45pm is his record and he only woke up then because I prodded him to make sure he was still breathing). Moonshine Minor has started High School, has settled in well and is growing up WAY to fast.

And me? Same old same old, loving our new home and getting round to picking up my life again after everything going on hold during The Move.

So – I’m back, and although I’m not promising to blog every day, I will keep in touch...


  1. I am so glad to see you back. High school and exams are a big stressing YUK. But we all get through it!!!! (somehow) You'll have to try the 'test your fire-alarm' rouse to see if that disturbs Moonshine Major from his 'cocoon'. If not a bucket of water should do the trick!!!!

  2. Glad you are back and settled in your new home. Lok forward to hearing more from you.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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