Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WOYWW #198

Good morning and welcome! If you're making the rounds on this wonderful Wednesday walkabout then you already know about the phenomenon that is Julia Dunnit and her marvellous invention What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - if not then hop over here to find out the whys and wherefores.

Once again I have a busy couple of days ahead so am scheduling this post and plan on making my return visits later - or possibly on Thursday or Friday if things get really out of hand!

In pole position on the old work table today is my entry for The Craft Barn's Dictionary Challenge (letter P for Papillon (butterfly - I'm using a French dictionary')) which I've only just started work on. The background is coming on, but I haven't decided on the focal image yet.

Elsewhere on the table is my small stamps folder (a re-purposed Shoot-Out trading card folder kindly donated by Moonshine Minor - perfect for Craft Stamper freebies and £1 stamps!),

my Distress Ink cut n dry foam storage,

and a dinner-money envelope mini book re-discovered whilst looking for butterfly themed stash (this has been a work in progress for months now and is almost finished).

I'm going to keep this short and sweet and toddle off now. Enjoy your WOYWW and I'll catch up with you soon.


  1. Morning Masie! I woke up two behind you! love those butterfly's and flowers you have going on! They look great on those envies! I spy whiskers stamps there....been eyeballing a stamp like that for some time!

    Hugs! Robin #53

  2. Good luck with your P page, how lovely to be able to work in a French dictionary. Happy WOYWW Helen, 8

  3. Lots of lovely work here. I love those little dinner money envelopes.
    Fiona #76

  4. SO impressed with your level of organisation and what a genius idea for the small stamps. I'm sure we've got some Pokemon pockets kicking around in one of the boys' bedrooms somewhere (emphasis on the somewhere!!!) And those dinner money pockets are such a clever idea. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #92

  5. OOh I don't know where to look first! Love the envelope album, works so well when there's cohesion of colour. Love too that you 'found' it! Great idea for the small stamps...why don't I ever think of things like that...would make using the stamps actually viable instead of having to hunt them down...

  6. Oh wow.. what a fab blog -such inspirational workdesk Maisie!
    xxx Susi
    please notice our monthly challenge for
    Art Journalers over on

    and do you know what a MOO is?
    look here and take part:

  7. totally get the Papillon thing! And your mini envelop book is stunning, even if it's not finished - look forward to seeing the finished book

    Debs #85

  8. you are getting very organised and that was a really good idea for those small stamps.
    I love the little butterfly envelopes they are so pretty I look forward to seWishing you a very Happy WOYWW
    Ria #44eing that finished

  9. Gorgeous little envelopes, love the colours and design x
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week Heather#133

  10. Lots of lovely makes on your desk this week. We were going to do papillion for the Craft barn challenge but carried on with our words that translate into the same theme.

    Waving hi from the bears @#95 this week.

  11. Lovely stuff this week. Those dinner money envelopes look gorgeous.
    Happy WOYWW
    Rosie x

  12. A lot happening on you work desk. I love you stamp storage. I store my Distress Ink foam squares in a labels plastic bin as well. I guess great minds think a like. #110

  13. Hi Maisie. you have a host of butterflies on your desk this week. I love those little dinner money envelopes, what a great idea and that foam storage is fantastic, what organisation. I NEEEED something like that, my foam is chucked in a box and I spend ages looking for the right colour.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #71

  14. Hi Maisie, What a fab idea for storing small stamps!!! My son had 2 of those folders knocking around and I've a feeling that they've gone! So much for decluttering!!! Lots of lovely gorgeousness going on there. Thanks for sharing and visiting. Happy Woyww Liz 80

  15. Hi Maisie, wow how organised,great idea for your little stamps. I really like your Papillon stamps:)and the dinner money pockets. Thanks for your visit today. Hugs Mo x

  16. You look so organised! The butterflies should be fun to work with.
    Have a great WOYWW!

  17. I'm late doing the woyww-round, but here I am, admiring your work, your butterfly-stamps and the little book. Gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my desk yesterday. Marit #101

  18. I love the envelopes at the end, what a clever idea, great design

    Gill x #54

  19. Wow you are far too organized for me! Scary! LOL

  20. That mini book in progress is beautiful and love your foam storage!
    Happy WOYWW!

    StampinBoots x #144

  21. Hi Maisie, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting yesterday. I love 'your present' youare getting on your DH birthday thats fabulous - lucky you!
    You've certainly been busy too - your desk is full of lovely things to see (especially those butterflies) and great storage ideas too. Have a great day.. Gill x #41

  22. Hi Maisie! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your name is so pretty :) I <3 your stamp organizer I have a similar one for my dollar stamps too. Love the butterfly stamps that you have. Thanks for sharing your creative space. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  23. I spy some Cavallini Butterfly stamps on your desk. I love these images and don't they stamp beautifully and then fit into a gorgeous tin!
    Love those Dinner Money envelopes!
    Thanks for visiting me.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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