Wednesday, 4 December 2013

WOYWW #235

Hello again - it's me - I'm back... I've missed my adventures wandering around the Wednesday workdesks (you can join in by going here).

Apologies for being AWOL for the last couple of weeks - I've been sewing my little fingers to the bone and didn't have a very interesting desk to show you.

It will be my last, and favourite, craft fair on Saturday 6th December. Favourite because it is a Victorian Market and I have THE most beautiful costume to wear (thanks Mum!) It is in St Lawrence's Church in Gnosall and the atmosphere is fabulous. All the stall holders dress in costume and there are various entertainments throughout day - I'm really looking forward to it.

I've decided that I've got enough stock to last the day so I've tidied away all my work stuff and, as you can see, I'm indulging in a little Christmas crafting for myself...

I've broken out the Molly Blooms Christmas stamps and I'm playing nice! This is going to be the Holly Wreath featured in last year's Christmas Carnival pack. I'm hoping to make a few decorations to "Christmas up" my craft room - I've got some fairy lights up already (I do like a twinkly light!) but I could do with some more festive bits and bobs.

That's all from me - let me know you came and I'll try and catch up with you later.


  1. Hi Maisie! I'm really excited to be the first to comment on your return post! Welcome back! And what a lovely post! The Victorian fair sounds great - wish I could be there! And decorating your craft room - fabulous! Have fun! Julie Ann xx #52

  2. Lovely crafting space Masie , lots like your holly wreath will be fab when done. Happy woyww Jill #40

  3. Oh your poor fingers must be very sore with all that stitching. We hope they don't ache too much so you can finish your cards.

    The bears @66

  4. Hi there Maisie, Glad you've got all your stitching done. Hope you have an excellent day at the Fayre.
    I'm sure you look superb in you outfit.

    X X Flo,

  5. The holly wreath is going to look superb I bet :-) I hope you have great fun and a very lucrative day at the Craft Fair :-D

    HAPPY WOYWW #235

    IKE in Greece #24

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  6. Hope all the fairs have been going well, the Victorian one sounds fun. Hope you sell lots!
    HUgs, LLJ 36 xx

  7. Can I just say, I love, love,love, your space! Sounds like you have a lot going on!
    Glenda #67

  8. Yep, love a twinkly light myself, so atmospheric! Well odometer MM gal, you've finished stock and made relaxing craft time for yourself..what a skill. great good luck for Saturday, no doubt it will be fab.

  9. Enjoy the Victorian Fair, my DIL took me to one last year in San Francisco, it was great, just they all tried to speak like Dick Van Dyke!

    Jan (84)

  10. I hope the Victorian fair goes well, its wonderful to see everyone dressed up at these things- really completes the atmosphere. Have a great week,. Hugs, Shaz #57 xx

  11. That sounds like a wonderful craft fair, it would be fun to go just to see the costumes and all the Victorian themed things! Good luck to you, Miss Maisie!

    #28 this week with Christmas like crazy
    and a free Christmas digi magazine

  12. Welcome back! Sounds like an amazing craft fair...makes me want to do one myself (maybe, not really...) I am heading home tonight to indulge in craft for me, not for Christmas or birthdays or anything! Cx #31

  13. Well you had me at "Victorian Market." I would be in crafty heaven at a Victorian Market! Please be sure to share a photo of you in your costume--how fun!! I also love the wreath you're making. Hugs and happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #7

  14. It sounds like a wonderful fair to be involved in and you know we will want pics of you dressed up for it too! Loving the look of your holly leaves and your decor plans sound fabulous. Have a great week! Danie #25

  15. I think your craft room looks very festive as it is with the lights... I have been looking for some for mine too.
    hope you enjoy your fayre do share some pics next week especially in your outfit
    janet #33

  16. It's looking very festive.
    Happy Wednesday to you,
    Karin #98

  17. Like those twinkling lights in your craft space, it's very light and airy!
    Good luck with your last craft fair
    Jackie 45

  18. Your desk is looking lovely! And how wonderful to be in costume for a craft fair!
    Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@9

  19. Hi Maisie. Wow, you have been working very hard! Hope you will post a picture of you in costume - how fun! Thanks for stopping and leaving your well wishes. I have advanced to a cane and have even been out and about doing some Christmas shopping. Hugs, Cathy

  20. Oh I hope the craft fair went OK and you had enough stock and sold loads. How about a piccy in the costume? Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, been knocked sideways yet again and have been struggling this week. BJ#81


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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