Tuesday, 7 April 2009


What can I say? John Lewis' - total waste of time - even the scones were stale. NOT a good start to the day. Not a red thingy (any colour of red) to be seen - except for an acrylic salad bowl in the picnic section, a kettle and a colander - nice, but not what I wanted. Even the VERY expensive thingies were either green or aubergine. We did spend AN AWFULLY LONG TIME weighing up the potential of a foot tall, silver wire sample bottle but decided that no, we REALLY did want something RED.

How difficult does it have to be!!!!

Mind you - it took me five years to find just the right cushions (you guessed it - John Lewis' -RED).

So a little dispirited, having bought nothing, (it is unheard of for the Moonshines to leave JL's without having made a significant contribution to their fiscal well being) we got back into the Moon Mobile and set off for home. With plenty of time on our hands we decided to avoid the motorway and head back cross country via Knutsford which Mr M recalled had some interesting boutique potential.

Cripes, it certainly has some residential potential! WOW I've NEVER seen such enormous houses/palaces. "Crikey!", said I, "I could have a whole craft WING, let alone a room!"

Oooh imagine that, dedicated spaces for scrapping or sewing - a walk-in stash wardrobe... can you see it too?

After a quick pit stop at the Penny Farthing Museum (the hottest latte I've ever tried to drink!) we wandered round Knutsford, and yes there are some beautiful shops selling beautiful things (THE perfect evening bag to go with a recently purchased posh frock - but even though the sun was shining Mr M did not feel minded to part with the £200 necessary to secure its sparkly gorgeousness), but not a red thingy to be seen.

So, I'm afraid the Hunt for Red Accessory continues... as does the search for the perfect evening bag - actually I'm not terribly confident about finding either anytime soon.


  1. IKEA have a silvery bowel very simillar to your red one, at a fraction of the price £2.99 - £3.99 tops. Buy one spray it no one will ever know.

  2. So sorry you had a shoppingless shopping trip. Hopefully you will find what you want eventuakky. I hope it is before you change your colour scheme. Have you done any scrapping recently. The only kind I do is rhythym boxing on the Wiifit. I am top of the leader board can't be bad for somebody with a Wiifit age of 75.

  3. Look on the bright side. You have saved the money so you will be able to purchase an even bigger and better red thingy or evening bag with more sparkly bits. You see you have to work on the the idea 'I can spend even more on my next shopping trip because I didn't spend as much as I intended too on this one'. Note of caution- it doesn't always work. Have fun hunting.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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