Monday, 27 April 2009


What a nightmare! I've just spent the last hour married to Alan Titchmarsh trying to decide whether or not to plant any more euphorbias in our garden, then, mid argument I fell over (or was I pushed?), started rolling down the sides of a deep landfill tip and woke up trying not to "fall" out of bed. Not very happy about the cricked neck - nor the un-intended bigamy to be honest - but especially not happy about now being WIDE AWAKE when what I really need to be is FAST ASLEEP.

We've had a bit of a crazy long weekend, Mr M and I have been back to Welsh Wales to visit Mr M's Mum who has been in hospital for a rather nasty operation. We were lucky enough to have great weather again and enjoyed our drive down, stopping off at Symmonds Yat for a cream tea on the way. This was the view from our table...

... just beautiful.

We made some more progress with the garden and now only have one more area to tackle before hopefully it will be fairly maintenance free.

Grandma Wales (Mrs M's Mum) managed to make a remarkable recovery from her surgery and was allowed to come out of hospital on Friday, so we picked her up and took her on to Mr M's sister's in West Wales where she is going to convalesce. This meant that we could take the scenic route home on Saturday, and, after popping in to visit again for lunch, we drove home through the Brecon Beacons (hilly side, not mountains) with a quick detour to watch the fantastic spectacle at the Red Kite feeding station at Llanddeusant. Unfortunately our little compact Fugipix wasn't up to the job of taking decent closeups of the Kites (Mr M's favourite birds) but this shot at least gives you an idea of the number of birds there were. We were forced to take this photo from a nearby road as a quick tot up of our available cash finances gave us £3.10 - not enough for us both to pay the £3 entrance fee!

We then ambled our way northeastwards through the Wells (Llandridnod, Builth etc) stopping off for a lovely cup of tea and Welsh Cake at Erwood Station a local craft center where I picked up some fabric scraps which I aim to use in my scrapping. Artist Amanda Skipsey sells her lively contemporary landscapes through the Gallery there, and if the colours had been right for Moonshine Manor I would have persuaded Mr M to invest, as it is we bought a coaster for my craft room and a card with Red Kites on as fab souvenirs of our lovely weekend. Having set off at 9.15 we eventually reached home at 7.30 completing a 600 mile round trip. As you can imagine we were both feeling rather done in and hence the reason for feeling particularly dis-chuffed with A.T. about invading my sleep.

Going back to bed now.

Oh - in case you were wondering - euphorbia issue - not resolved.


  1. You say I'VE been busy, I felt tired reading your posst lol!!!!! Glad MIL is on the mend, it's not as if she's round the corner from you eh? The LOOOOOOOOOOOONG journey home did include some fantastic scenery. If we had guaranteed weather I would be happy never to leave the country. Re the question on my blog, the mini book was just made for pleasure, I am a bit 'grungy' in my style, and although I love doing it, I don't think many people would appreciate it ha ha.
    Sue x

  2. Great scenery. About the euphorbias if you like them go for it. Hope Grandma Wales makes a wonderful recovery.

  3. What wonderful pics you've posted. Who was behind the camera Mr M or yourself? I notice that you mentioned a coaster- was it a funny sort of red to go with the thingy you haven't found yet? I'm pretty hopeless with what to plant where and have decided on the natural look- packets of seeds mixed up and liberally distributed. I have planted some TOMS though. I had a good crop last year oh yes, and some carrots, no idea why just thought 'Hey give it a go'. All this chasing AT around in the middle of the night is not good for your crafty side. Get under control there and focus on the priorities in life - CREAM CAKES AND CHOCOLATE. Happy crafting

  4. Well you have had a really busy time. I hope that Grandma Wales is recovering well and so glad you had a fab time here in Wales. Hubby and I intend to go to see the Red Kites. Thanks for the info on the entrance fee. We shall go well prepared. LOL


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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