Friday, 26 April 2013

W is for... Wisteria (with circles)

Hello and welcome.

By now you will no doubt know that I am taking part in The Craft Barn's Dictionary Challenge.

This week's challenge letter is W with the added requirement of using circles in the background.

I am using an old French - English dictionary and so had a very limited number of french words to choose from (33 in fact), so after not much consideration I chose Wisteria.

I used Distress Inks to paint a wisteria bough on to tissue paper which I then matte medium-ed over my usual Antique Linen DI background. My circles come in the form of an Artemio seal stamp which I stamped in Pumice Stone DI

A couple of close ups (although to be honest this page is better viewed from afar!)

Aaargh! terrible stamping  (I caught the acrylic block in the spine of the book)

I'm not all that happy with these pages, but given that I had no other pages I could use to start again, it will have to do. X is going to be a challenge too!!!


If you do any stamping/painting or whatever on tissue paper and then want to "cut out" the image to use on your project,  "paint" a border all the way around with water (I used a water brush) and then carefully tear through the wet tissue. The tissue will tear where you want it to and not where it fancies!

That's all from me today - thank you for visiting.


  1. Congrats on your page. I think it looks really lovely. Very delicate painting of the Wisteria and the circles don't overpower it.

    The catching on the book spine --just one of those things, worse things happen at sea.

    See you again soon Maisie.

  2. I really like how you've done the pages! I love how it all blends together. X will be a challenge for me too. I have only 4 words to choose from...ugh!

  3. I like your page - using the pumice stone and tissue paper was a great way to keep everything delicate - just like the real wisteria.

  4. I saw your post on WOYWW on Wednesday and waited to come back and see it in the book! Well done, Maisie, and thanks for the tip!! (Thank you for visiting me on the WOYWW tour!) Have a wonderful rest of the week! Darnell #52

  5. Love the the westeria whit the circles in the background. Thanks for the tip with the tissue tearing.

  6. Oh so delicate, love it. Embrace the imperfections is what Timmy says so don't worry about the stamping it just adds to the effect. I made a boo-boo on my latest calendar page and had to do lots of embracing, but it's OK now. Super pages and looking forward to your "X" challenge, it will be one for me too!

  7. I think your Wisteria is beautifully done. And thanks for the tip!!

  8. Beautiful pages! I love wisteria, would never have thought of using it though! xx

  9. I love your beautiful wisteria!...and thank you for the top tissue tearing tip :)

  10. I love Wisteria, reminds me when I lived in France (I have not seen any here in Canada so far). Great page
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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