Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOYWW #204

Morning WOYWWers (confused? click on the WOYWW icon in the side bar).

A quickie from me again as I am off to the Docs this morning - nothing serious but some tablets I've been put on recently are stopping me from sleeping - and as a serial insomniac "that don't impress-a me much".

Made a major booboo - got it in to my head that the Anniversary ATC swap was this week (I'm blaming the tablets for that too!) so whilst I was awake between 1:30 and 5:00 this morning I was frantically raiding the depths of my Mojo and willing ye olde heat gun to be quiet.

Having just logged on to Julia's site - realised my error but don't have time to retake my photo - so if you're planning on taking part in the ATC swap, always post your link after no. 50 or so and don't want to spoil the surprise DON'T LOOK TOO CLOSELY AT THE PHOTO!!!!

You have been warned...

Got to shoot off now - catch up with you later...


  1. Ha ha!!! won't look I promise... helen 3

  2. love those gems and bits and bobs.. happy woyww jenx 90

  3. Hi there, just popping in to say Hi. Loving your creative world this morning; Look on the bright side, now you are ahead of the game, I haven't even begun to think of mine yet!

    Hope you have a great week too.
    Neil #21

  4. Hi Maisie
    You poor thing I know what it is not to sleep as I live with chronic pain and get very little sleep.
    I agree it was the tablets that made you panic and make all the ATC's by hey you can sit back now and wait for the event to come around while we all stress out trying to get them made
    Happy WOYWW #204 and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #113

  5. Thanks for visiting my desk.
    Hope you have a great Wednesday!

    Hugs Marleen #6

  6. Not to worry Maisie--you made the most of your sleepless night! Now you can have some tea, relax, and watch the mail. I love your desk by the way! Thanks for visiting me too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #17

  7. Your desk is so pretty and neat! I think I might get a pretty oil cloth/PVC covering to go under my heat mat - although you'd never see any of it under the clutter!! Happy WOYWW xx Sand #139

  8. Hi Maisie, isn't not getting sleep the worst thing ever, I really feel for you,
    Happy Wednesday
    Rosie x

  9. We decided today was the day too and spent a frantic evening last night cutting the number 4 out! At least we're ready in plenty of time.

    Thanks for visiting the bears today,

  10. You have my sympathies, disturbed sleep is a nightmare. Hope all ok at the Docs, and Happy WOYWW! Karen 132 x

  11. Hello Maisie!! Haven't even started mine yet, better get a wriggle on (I think I have said that for the last three weeks). Love the ATCS and you workspace is sooo tidy!! Hope you get the sleep sorted out, I have bad weeks sometimes and hate it because I feel like a zombie all day. Thanks for stopping by to see me, Cindy

  12. Okay I didn't look too close does that mean I get to swap with you? If so please send me your addy so I can add it to my list! I have same issue with insomnia...we might ought to skype and have some crafty fun some nights! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving a comment...I enjoy getting them! Have a great week. Vickie #41

  13. Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments. I love what's on your desk. The lace is gorgeous and the ATCs are looking good too :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 47

  14. Ohh look at that stuff on your desk I saw everything!! Teehhehehe looks like a lotta goodies! Hope you had a great woyww!

  15. Oh Maisie, I just HAD to look closely and I'd love to have one. Left the 2 I have made peeking out on my desk as a tease.

    As for my Alpha pages, I just look up a site about special days and go through looking for something suitable, the pages just comes from that - somehow - that's the mysterious bit! Knew it would be "A" this time for some reason and certainly hadn't thought of the page I ended up doing.

    Thanks for visiting me already BJ#48

  16. Sorry I am so late calling by but life has been manic here. I've been chasing my tail all morning trying to catch up with my sewing work.
    I hope the Dr's appointment went well and sleep comes easier for you.
    A x # 37

  17. Hi Maisie,
    I HAD to look closely too. and liked what I saw. Thansk for stopping by my blog. Do hope you can get some sleep to rev up your MOJO
    Krisha #36

  18. Those little cards are adorable. :-) Hope you get sleepy soon. April #122

  19. I hope you manage to get your tablets sorted out so you can get some sleep! I know we always want more time for our craft but no sleep is perhaps a bit! Thanks for your visit and a belated Happy Woyww. Liz@55

  20. Oh Maisie, I'd love a green one. I've started a SWAP list now so I better make some more too methinks. BJ (if you reply to my e-mail addy directly we can then swap snail mails) x

  21. Oh how funny - awful that you're wide awake at that time of night, but the frantic making of ATCs...that will be me, so I'mnot sure why I'm finding it funny! Hope they were able to adjust the pills. And by the way - love the ATCs!

  22. I'm just coming round, Maisie, and I looked at your desk and I like your ATC very much!! And you know what else, I panicked on Monday because I thought the same thing!! I could have sworn it was set for May Day. Luckily, I looked ... now the question is, will I go ahead and at least start to make mine now or wait until two days before again? Hmmm.

    I hope you got the tablets sorted out (BTW, I didn't have that excuse, ha!) and have a wonderful rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by the Playhouse! Darnell #60


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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