Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WOYWW 195 and a Lace Flower Tutorial

Good morning fellow blog hoppers and welcome to WOYWW 195! (If you're visiting for the first time and want to know more about the phenomenon that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday head over to Julia's blog here - she is entirely to blame!)

I'm on a mission this morning as I've got to get this done an dusted before taking Moonshine Minor to the Fracture Clinic to have his cast removed - we have been counting down the hours! He's been an absolute star during the whole performance, the only things he hasn't managed are his shirt buttons and cutting up his food!

Anyway - to the task in hand, and what IS on my workdesk this cold and dull Wednesday? Well.....

I thought I'd show you the view from the other side of the desk for a change...

And what I'm working on...  my Sunday Stampers challenge tag (the theme this week is texture).

Back on Valentine's Day I posted pictures of a canvas I had just completed and Robin (State of Serenity) was looking for a tutorial on how to make the lace flower (also pictured above) so I thought I'd quickly put one together to share with you today - It really is SUPER SIMPLE.  Here goes...

1. Cut a length of lace, I have used cotton crochet lace but any will do. Mine has a "pointy" edge which lends itself to petals, a straight or curved scallop edge will give a different look.  The longer the length of lace the bigger the flower will be.

2.  I use 3 strands of embroidery floss for the next step - you need something fairly strong as you will be pulling up this thread to make gathers and you don't want it to snap. (I've used a contrasting colour for demonstration purposes but you should use a matching colour.) Tie a knot at the end of the floss and then work one or two stitches through the bottom end of the lace to hold the gathering thread securely.

Work a running stitch along the length of the ribbon using the holes in the design as a guide

Work the running stitch to the end of the lace DO NOT FASTEN OFF this is now your gathering thread.

 4. Gently pull up the gathering thread easing the lace along to make fairly even gathers DO NOT FASTEN OFF, keep your needle threaded.

5. Starting at the end with the knot curl the lace in on itself to form the middle of the flower then curl the lace around, your gathers will spread out as the flower gets bigger, arrange the gathers in a pleasing fashion.

6. Using the gathering thread you have pulled up and with neat stitches stitch through the layers of lace to hold the gathers in place. Stitch only through the bottom of the lace. Fasten off but DO NOT CUT OFF THE THREAD.

7. Turn the flower over and arrange the petals to make a pleasing shape. 

8. Using the gathering thread attach a vintage button to the middle of the flower, fasten off at the back and cut the thread.


Cut off the thread and attach a brad, gem or similar.

You could also try layering up paper or metal blooms inside the flower for added interest. 
I hope this all makes sense if you have any questions please put them in the comments box and I'll answer them as soon as I can. 

Enjoy the rest of your WOYWW!


  1. Wonderful projects and thanks so much for the TUT
    its Gorgeous x Happy WOYWW Heather #85

  2. Great tutorial, and I spy a template on your desk that I have too - and love it! I also love the texture I see on the label - wonderful effect! Happy woyww! Marit #100

  3. oh, I love the tag!! I haven't had time to do one of Hels' challenges for ages... Have a good day. Helen, 8

  4. Happy WOYWW thanks for stopping by earlier too. Loved the view of your room today, lots going on and lovely things to see. Fabulous tut too - thanks. Hope everything goes well at the fracture clinic. Happy Crafting Gill x #104

  5. Your flower and tag are GORGEOUS!!! great tutorial!! love it! xo

  6. thank you so much for showing us how to make that beautiful flower out of lace. flowers add so much to a project and having them made out of different mediums is great. Your tag is just perfect
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  7. We love the brick effect texture on your tag. Haven't tried texture for a while now so the pot may be coming out later. The lace tutorial ia very informative.

    Thanks for visiting the bears today

  8. Hi Maisie, your desk is making me feel so ashamed - compared to yours mine has far too much on it ... I feel another sort out coming on :)

    The tag is looking great and your lace flower is gorgeous - brilliant tutorial too.

    Have a great WOYWW. Elizabeth x #105

  9. Great lace flower tut and loving the look of that tag. Most envious of the ribbons on your door too. Best of luck to Moonshine Minor, bless. Hugs, Jenny #131

  10. That ribbon hanger on the back of your door is to die for! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial--so easy to follow! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #52

  11. Great tutorial! You have a wonderful crafting space. How did you make your ribbon storage?

  12. Hi Maisy - Don't you just love Ikea for crafting storage solutions!!!! Your tag looks like it is going to be gorgeous. Is that a cute little postcard I see? WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 120

  13. That tag is going to be awesome - thanks for the flower tutorial! Happy WOYWW, xxx Keren

  14. HI Maisy, Love the tutorial, I will have to give that a try! You have a lovely, organized workspace. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Barb

  15. Love the view of your desk! Panned out and full of fun! Your tag is awesome, that brickwall looks so real. Thanks for sharing the how to for your flower, it reminds me of a daffodil. Winnie#91

  16. great tag...I just saw your second post, marvellous detail.

  17. Sorry, presed publish too soon! Your name was drawn from the hat for the Hobbycraft show tickets..can you email me your address..the media company will send them directly to you.

  18. Great view from the desk, everything looks lovely and organised! The tutorial is fab too!

    Lauren x #140

  19. What a view! Love the multicolored tower, super bright colours. Your ribbon storage is a thing dreams are made of too. Happy WOYWW. Karen 93 x

  20. Great looking desk and tag today! Awesome tutorial. I love making flowers so think I will try this one! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a nice comment and for sharing with us! Vickie #41

  21. Forgot to add your cat and Easter holders are so cute!! Karen x

  22. Now THAT'S what I call ribbon storage!! Lovely lace flower tut as well, TFS. Happy WOYWW Cindy.

  23. Hi Maisie, Great view of your craft space and your desk. Your tag is coming along nicely and a great tutorial, thanks for sharing. Hugs Mo x

  24. Great tutorial - thank you. Good luck with the cast removal. April #141

  25. Thanks so much for sharing your lace flower, what a great idea! I have lots of lace so shall have to try it. What a fabulous big desk you have, and it's so tidy! The more space I have, the more I fill it.... *sigh*
    Happy Woyww
    Liz at 157

  26. Your craft room looks lovely and bright and that's a great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    Brenda 112

  27. I love that ribbon storage you have, it shows them off beautifully.
    Thanks so much for the lace flower tutorial, I shall definitely be giving that a go.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #69

  28. Maisie!!!!! I love it! Your Tutorial was simply wonderful! I do not sew...So I don't have any lace like this! Your tutorial was so clear! I feel confident enough to visit a fabric store today and look for some lace trim like what you used. I love the old time look in ANYTHING! Along time ago, I was in a fabric store and they had grab bags of bits and pieces of trim, you know, I have never seen that again! Well off I go and thank you thank you thank you for your gift of a tutorial for the world!

  29. loving the lace flowers - just gorgeous!! and i LOVE your craft room - i want to come and play...
    sorry it's taken me so long to reply... but i'm here now :)
    happy belated WOYWW and have a great week!
    no. 6

  30. what a lovely desk and such an easy to follow tutorial. Tracy #72


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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