Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW 193 - Warts 'n' All

Hello and welcome

A very quick post today as I am zooming out to do the school run in 25 minutes.

Here's my workdesk in a bit of a tip as I am mid project on my hearts submission for Sunday Stampers Challenge. I walked away from this last night feeling much disgruntled and not liking the background on the canvas I am doing - (so much so I covered it with gesso as a mark of disrespect!) Today I'm seeing possibilities and a resurrection may be on the cards.

Almost inevitably you can see Distress Inks and even this time Distress Stains and my go to tiny harlequin background stamp is making another appearance far left, apart from that it's mainly a mess of kitchen towel and tissue paper.

I noticed on my WOYWW hop last week that some of you were discussing Distress Ink swatches - you can see mine far right. You can download blank ones (updated with new colours I see - guess what I'll be doing later!) HERE - it is also worth doing this on a sheet of Kraft cardstock as the effect of the ink is different (tattered rose disappears completely) You can also download side labels for your Distress Inks at the same link (Ranger Industries).

Anyway apart from proving that I am a bit of an organisation freak (I was a Civil Engineering Librarian in a former life - old habits die hard) I hope this has been a useful visit for you. Hope to come visiting later but...



  1. Love your workspace and all the wonderful cubbies and shelves around it! That looks like a pretty canvas shaping up on your desk too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #106

  2. Where would we be without good old Gesso.. canvas looks great, look forward to seeing the finished creation...Happy WOYWW Gill x #64

  3. I think the Gesso has made your background just the right level of visible to work really well. Do I spy Ikea Expedit cubes in the background? Aren't they just the greatest craft storage ever? Don't know how I ever managed without them now. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #129 xx

  4. Beautiful workspace and a great canvas in progress. Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  5. That looks like some interesting work going on there, and so organised (now my desk really IS a tip!) Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my WOYWW. XXX Keren

  6. some times we need to walk away from projects and go back to them the next day. I had to do that with a musical canvas I ended up covering it in magnolia emulsion paint it looked so much better the next day.
    I will be back to see how your one turns out
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  7. Hi! I am loving the background so far. I always think of Dina Wakley when Gesso is mentioned as she said in class it is underwear for your art. Thak you for your kind visit, it made my afternoon. I am glad you will be joining in on the tags this year. They are so fun and this year I am actually going to use them instead of just holding them for myself.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

  8. One of my favorite parts of WOYWW is seeing other people's organization! I too have swatch cards for my inks and stains! I have to check out your link next. As far as the canvas, I think it looks good, but that is the fun of canvases. If you hate it, just cover it with gesso and try again!!

  9. Hi Maisie, I hope you get the inspiration you are looking for, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting,

    Gill x

  10. Hi Maisie, took a good snoop around your desk. I LIKE the way that canvas is coming along. I'm sure you will pull a silver linning out of this cloud.
    Krisha #133

  11. Such a super looking work space, Maisie and I love your canvas background. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@147)

  12. Hi Maisie I did a similar thing on a project last year and once gessod it looked so much better the end result of your project will be stunning I am sure. Mo x

  13. Hi Maisie!! Totally get your organisational tendencies as I am a librarian also - now if only someone had a dewey system for stamps.....
    Loving the look of that birdcage and I'm sure you cane rescue that canvas - the gesso was probably an inspired move. Love the look of your workspace and thank you for popping by to see me today, Cindy #75

  14. Hi Maisie! I love the look the good ol gesso gave the canvas. The bird cage is beautiful on your desk! yes, I received your email about the Award! You are sooooooo kind. I hope to post the award on my blog this weekend, thank you for your kindness. I love your blog! Looking forward to visiting you often!

    Hugs, Robin 105

  15. Beautiful background, Maisie--and in the next post, it's finished, and GORGEOUS!!!!

    A happy belated woyww to you--I may be slow to get around sometimes, but I do get around for a visit eventually!!!


  16. I really like the color of your background. I'm sure after a good night's rest - you will be able to figure out what to do. April #119


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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