Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WOYWW #242

My name is Maisie Moonshine and my craft room is... A MESS!!!!

Why am I confessing this? Because it is Wednesday, and if it is Wednesday then it must be time for our weekly wander around the world's workdesks, care of Julia over at The Stamping Ground. (If you want to join in the fun - go here for the deets.)

The good news is that my craft room is a mess because I have been working on a project - Mr Mojo has returned to the building! ;0) So here is my desk in all its post project glory... (sneak peek to follow, finished project to be posted soon).

On the cutting mat you can see the aftermath of my project - DIs, blending tool, scissors, foam pads etc, etc. On the floor is my stamp catalogue and various boxes and files with stamps in. Sitting on the cubbies on the right you can see five mache tissue box covers which are waiting to be altered (future Christmas prezzies!) The rest of the table is taken up with random stuff which needs to be put away. The purple box houses my Christmas themed stash and is waiting to be tidied back into the wardrobe/craft store. I say waiting because it needs to go in here...

...and as you can see here needs a massive tidy-up too! Hmmm - maybe tomorrow...

Anyway - enough of my slovenly habits! Here is a sneak peek at my finished project...

Any guesses?

And finally - in case you were wondering why I have pipe lagging in my wardrobe/craft store - it makes great insides for felt cakes like these...

That's all from me for now, please do let me know you stopped by so that I can return the favour. I hope you have a happy and creative day. Oh, BTW, I'm off to a mixed media art class at my local Hobbycraft store tonight - I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. Yay!! Hurrah for the return of your mojo MM. Love the felt cakes, if only they tasted as good as they look :) Love your messy desk..its the way a crafter's should look! Cx #18

  2. Wow, that desk is impressive! Glad you've been having fun there, you can tell from the photo that you were in full flow :-) Great idea for those little cakes, they look very tempting :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  3. Cakes look good enough to eat, felt cakes yummy at least they don't effect your weight!!! AND you can still enjoy them.
    My guess on your PROJECT....'January Puddle Jumping' with those fashionable spotty wellies. I would have sais something to do with snow but as all it's doing is raining Weeeeell.....
    Looking forward to seeing how far out I am, Ho Ho

    X X Flo

  4. That looks like you've had a lot of fun and if there are distress inks in the mix it's bound to be gorgeous. I'm liking the colours on your sneaky peek!!
    I thought those cakes were real!!! Have you made those too! WOW!
    I would close the door quick on that cupboard, there's too much crafting to do to spend time tidying!!
    Hugs Lisax #47

  5. Well those felt cakes look very yummy...... Now that picture ... The one that would scare some people..... Well it doesn't scare me as I know your a tidy and organised sort of gal, as you have a folder with all your stamped images in :) that's tidy!!!!! And great to hear you have been crafting away so much more important than tidying up ... Looking forward to seeing what you made
    Jackie 33

  6. Not a mess, Maisie - an industrious, creative space!!! What it means is you have been
    a) having fun
    b) finding the mojo again
    c) far too busy to put everything away yet

    Have a great week.
    Margaret #7

  7. Woohoo for returning mojos. Love the sneak peek and your fabulous cakes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Zoe #33

  8. Wow, I love faux pies and cakes! Yours is adorable. And I love your busy wonderful desk this week--it's as it should be. I wish my actual worktable was that big! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #80

  9. Love those cakes - so low cal. And I think one great thing about WOYWW is that confession is good for the soul. I know it worked for me today. Susanne #66

  10. Your felt cakes are amazing. Lots of crafting goodies on your desk. #2

  11. Sadly, to me, it doesn't look very messy - though that says more about me than you!
    Hope you enjoy your class
    Happy Wednesday

  12. felt cakes!! How adorable, and so less fattening :)

  13. Cute cakes! have fun with your class. Just remember anything you bring home will need a space. lol I should talk! Peg R #91

  14. Hi Maisie
    wow that cupboard really does need some attention doesn't it ..... good luck. Love your tag on the next post your mojo has definitely returned
    have fun
    janet #9

  15. Those felt cakes are lovely! You are a very brave woman, I would never dare to show the inside of my craft cupboard, I might be shamed into oblivion if I do.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #14


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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