Monday, 23 March 2009


I'm pleased to report that The BGF loved her book and has told me that I'll never get it back as she's going to keep it forever, she's even going to take it to Spain in the summer to show her Mum - so I think she's happy with it! One of the other Girls, who was there for birthday cake and coffee, said that if someone had gone to all that trouble for her she would've been sobbing by the time she'd finished looking at it. I'm with her on that - I come over all emotional if anyone makes me something beautiful - actually since I've had the kids I come over all emotional at the drop of a hat.

It has been A BIG DAY in the Moonshine household. Moonshine Minor got married today - "Hang on a minute" I hear you say, "I'm sure somewhere on this blog she said he was only nine, quick, call Child Protection!" Yes he is nine but yes he did get "married" today. As part of their school R.E. studies the Year 5 children staged a mock wedding ceremony at the local church and M- had his name pulled out of the hat of boys volunteering to be the Groom (strange coincidence as the same thing happened to his big bro three years ago!). He wasn't very impressed with his bride-to-be as she was picked from the other class "I hardly know her, I'm NOT marrying a stranger!" A good rule to live by there son!

All reports suggest that the wedding went well, the Groom's "mother"maintained her decorum throughout the ceremony - something I'm hoping to live up to when/if the time really comes. (I don't hold out much hope as I'm usually blubbering in to my Kleenex at weddings on the telly.)

We now have the weekly torture of swimming lessons to get through and I've already been told "I'm far to tired to go swimming - I did get married today you know!" AND it's pay week - half an hour (if I'm lucky) of standing in line to be told he hasn't moved up a group AGAIN (4 times now) - and anyway WHICH NUTTER invented butterfly - and WHO is EVER going to use that RIDICULOUS stroke to get themselves out of difficulty? Oh my God - I'm starting to rant - I think I'd better go and have A LIE DOWN...


  1. I'm so pleased your BGF loved your gift, she must be some friend. After reading about M- wedding it brought back memories of handing over my own sons to face their future as husbands and Dads. The lump in throat doesn't always get smaller. Two boxes of tissues required plus tranquillisers off Dr. in case they change their mind on the day.

  2. So glad your friend loved it. Hope your son sleeps well tonight after all his excitement. I bet big brother gave him some useful advice.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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