Friday, 27 March 2009


I've had the day to myself - finished THE DREADED WEEKLY SHOP by 10.15, watched a DVD loaned by one of The Girls (Fireproof - a double Kleenex weepy - I'm such a light weight!) - purely as a distraction technique to avoid doing:

  • dusting

  • ironing (groan!)

  • bathrooms (no joke in this house I can tell you, I have Toilet Duck delivered by tanker load)

  • mowing (too windy anyway)

Then I've tried to settle to some serious scrapping to get through some of my works in progress - but I'm getting nowhere.

Here's a pic of my "Things that make me go Aaargh!" layout inspired by Ann Caldwell's Seeing Red (Scrapbook Inspirations, January 2009 pg. 73) which I started AGES ago. There will eventually be a sister layout "Things that make me go Oooh!" - I'm thinking stash, cupcakes, sparkly things...

And here is today's progress...

Can you spot the difference?

As I said MOJO gone AWOL. Oh POOBAH!


  1. You have turned the board around and added Aargh. I will be interested to see what makes you go aargh. In my case it's spiders, frogs and porridge.

  2. I like the swirls. Are they raised? If I did that it would look like spagetti on a bad day. My Aaargh at the moment are PIDGEONS (they've trampled all me plants down, so every time I see them I can only think of Pies!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your plants. We have a very fat woodpigeon (Fatty Arbuckle) who visits our garden every spring - he better keep off my flowerbeds or I'll be rustling up some shortcrust too!

    Yes the swirls are raised, I have pressure embossed the swirls (using a little round-ended stylus and a texture plate - I'm not artistic enough to do it free hand!)and then sanded off the raised top layer of the Core'Dinations cardstock to reveal the contrasting core.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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