Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I thought it might help if I introduced the Moonshine Mob and other dis-interested parties who may feature at some point (obviously names have been changed to protect the innocent / cool / grumpy / embarrassed).

I am Maisie, 41, 5' 6" or 165cm (for the metrically enlightened), once cute but gone badly downhill. Married to...

Mr Moonshine 46, nearly 47 (cripes what am I going to get him for his birthday?). Very Important Person. Works too hard, plays too little, worries too much and loves us all deeply. Self confessed Grumpy Old Man and my Best Friend.

Moonshine Major (M+), male, 12, v. funny, v. cool, v. sporty, v. adventurous, loves: playing rugby, hates: homework.

Moonshine Minor (M-), male, 9, also v. funny (but more off the wall), v. cute & squishy, v. kind, v. good at maths, loves: Wii family ski & snowboard, hates: sprouts.

Other family members: Lucy Goosey - Last Action Guinea Pig.

I've been worrying about putting photos of my layouts on the web as I know that Mr Moonshine and the boys will not be happy about having their photos up for the world and his wife to see, but it will be a right borin' old blog if it's just me waffling on, so... I've decided that the easiest way is to obscure their names and faces in the pics. I just hope this doesn't make the pictures too freaky!

Significant others who may be mentioned:

  • Mum - everything I wish I was
  • Dad - technical advisor on anything from gardening to Photoshop
  • Big Sis - aka Speedystitcher - held entirely responsible for all of this!
  • The BGF (Best Girl Friend) permanently dieting, coffee swigging shopaholic, really quite, quite mad
  • The Girls - collective noun for fun bunch of female friends readily available for coffee, curry vino and vintage nights in or out

So now you've met the Moonshines. Next time I promise I'll get down to the real business!

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  1. What a great way to intoduce the Moonshine family. Look forward to reading more of your exploits.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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