Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Just remembered this and thought I'd share it with you... Spent a stolen morning with Mr M on Monday - no kids, no cares -FAB! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday - he (of course) didn't have any brilliant suggestions so I jokingly said "Would you like some craft stuff?" and HE said "Yeah if you like"! How cool is that?

Question is - do I take him up on it (I've got my eye on a crop-a-dile or even a badge maker (mucho money - have you seen the price of those things!)) or do we reckon he will be deeply upset if he doesn't get the desperation CD/socks/maybe-a-nice-tie the poor old thing has had for the last forever? Oh boy - what DO you get for the man who doesn't think he wants anything?

Maybe some October Afternoon stamps...?

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  1. Good idea! Get him something YOU want. I might try it as The Other Half's birthday is in June and he is just as useless when it comes to 'wish lists'. Maybe with a nice meal up your sleeve though just in case it backfires!


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