Sunday, 2 September 2012

...aaand breathe

Blimey! I seem to have been bouncing from one thing to the next for the last few days! Mr M has been on annual leave for a week so we've been trying to get some JOBS done, mainly in the garden (will try and post pics over on my Garden Crazy blog soon).  There are still pictures to be hung and a mirror for the boys' bathroom, they can currently get a great view of their feet - but as a shaving mirror it sucks! And  two years after moving in the garage still looks like a cardboard box museum. Oh well Rome wasn't built in a day!

If it's OK with you I'm going to ignore the fact that I haven't blogged since whenever and just carry on from now. I think I've got my mojo back and am feeling bright, cheery, positive and creative again. The junior Moonshines have been off school for the summer jollybobs and I have been playing in my craft room at every opportunity. Of course I should have been working on building up my stock for the next round of Craft Fairs but what they hey, I'll get back to work when Major and Minor go back to school, Major to Sixth Form - massive well done to him on his GCSE results and Minor in to Year 9 (my baby is now a teenager - where DOES the time go?)

When I've not been crafting I've been surfing (the web that is - not La Mer) and I've come across some fab new blogs and (drum roll) YouTube Tutorials - what a revelation! Is there NOTHING you can not learn how to do on line!

I've been dabbling with Art Journaling and mixed media work (there will be more posts on this in the future)  and have discovered Rachel (RachO113). I love her work and her tutorials and time lapse videos are incredible you can see here gorgeous blog here and see her YouTube channel here.

I am also a massive fan of Hels Sheridan (Craft Stamper Magazine) and am following her blog Ink on my Fingers and joining in her Sunday Stampers Challenge (click on the badge in the sidebar) my first entry is on my previous post.

I've also signed up for the Anything But A Card Challenge which as a non card maker is right up my street. The challenge does what it says on the tin - make any thing in any media as long as it is not a card - It is due to start sometime this month and is a bi-weekly challenge - I can't wait to get started.  Why don't you hop on over there and have a go?


  1. Looking forward to seeing your designs over the coming weeks. I haven't got the imagination or skill, so I think I'll stick to cross stitch.

  2. So good to be creative. Can't wait to see what sort of things you come up with. By the way so glad your 'mojo' has returned.


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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