Wednesday, 31 July 2013

T is for... Tarabiscoter

Of course it is!

Good morning and welcome to this fortnight's entry to The Craft Barn's Dictionary Challenge. I am using an old French-English dictionary and although there are pages and pages of  T words, my shortlist was very short indeed. I had a final choice of three words, tournesol (sunflower), tissuterie (ribbon weaving), or my final choice tarabiscoter meaning to overdecorate, to over-elaborate. (Actually I could have gone with tampon meaning rubber stamp, but thought it might be misinterpreted!)

So, having chosen tarabiscoter (once again because I like to choose something a bit different if I can and I like the sound of the word) I have gone all out for overdecorating my page - whilst still producing something that is
  1. reasonably pleasant to look at 
  2. flat enough to let me close the book!
Here it is...

Some detail shots...

Thought you might like to know how overdecorated this page is, so here are the layers that went to make up the page:
  1. Layer of Antique Linen DI - as per all my pages
  2. Frayed Burlap DI pressed through That Special Touch - Ivy Background
  3. Gathered Twigs DI Harlequin stamp
  4. Walnut Stain DI  CArt Us - Birds on Branch stamp
  5. Frayed Burlap DI  Craft Stamper freebie - Tempus fugit text stamp
  6. Gold embossed Artemio Flourish stamp - I'd forgotten how much fun heat embossing is!
  7. Rayher decoupage motif, embellished with Cinnamon Stickles
  8. Papermania adhesive star gems
  9. Eyelet with gem embellished tassel
  10. Lace bow with 2 heart stick pins
  11. Crafty Individuals birdcage charm
  12. Red pheasant feathers
I'm quite pleased with how this page has evolved, I've managed to stay true to my vintage colour palette with the odd red highlight and it certainly has a vintage feel to it!

I haven't tried closing the book - but I think it might be a bit tricky!

Oh yes - for those who are regular visitors, it saddens me to report that Youyou "Escape" is listing heavily to starboard with all hands lost :0(

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


  1. Marvellous word choice and your page is per-fect! Absolutely stunning and fitting :-) If it was smaller (ATC size actually :-)) it would be perfect to share with Fun with ATCs challenge -
    Suzanne x

  2. Another great page and new word for me. You have still retained the vintage feel and even 'overdone' it is lovely to behold. It sounds like you had a lot of fun completing it and that is all good.

  3. WOW Maisie what a gorgeous page (still giggling about the tampon option though ROFL) Love all the colours and textures and the overdoneness. EXCELLENT BJ

  4. Lovely page! And I am so glad you didn't decorate it with a would have made the book much harder to close. Imagine the pages always falling open to that!

  5. The last time I googled tampon in french I had to add "en caoutchouc" after seeing what came up! Tarabiscoter is a strange but fun word to have chosen. Your illustration of the word is very good and I love the gold embossing, glitter et al...

  6. That's a great take on this letter. A wonderful page.

  7. Lovely page and great word choice a new one for me!


  8. What a fun challenge - and the end product is lovely. I love the vintage feel that you've created x

  9. Hello Maisie, I am french, and tarabiscoter came to me as a surprise! I love how the word sounds, but had now idea of the meaning. I believe you really did well on tarabiscoter your page. with a lot of bon gout also! I love the gold accents, the lovely pompom and the pretty bow. Everything is so nicely put together, very creative and imaginative. Hugs.

  10. This is what I love - education and art! I think you have chosen a fantastic word and illustrated it perfectly. Sorry for the lack of WOYWW - been in at work all week unexpectedly, and with DT stuff too it's been a bit busy! Hugs, Jenny x

  11. A very unusual choice and very well done, I was going to ask if you can close the book but I see you haven't tried yet!

    Carol x

  12. What a great word choice! And what a wonderful job you've done getting its meaning across!

  13. What fun to have an excuse to overdo it!!! I love your page and I love this word. I shall have to impress my French friends by using it lots, over-doing it maybe? Lovely, lovely page - loads of fun as always! Sorry to hear about youyou! Julie Ann x

  14. Great page - I really love how elaborate it is but how you also managed to stick to the vintage colour palette! Really unusual word too - I'd never heard of it, Claire x

  15. What a brilliant interpretation of a brilliant word, much better than tampon in either translation.

  16. Wow, Maisie, this is just gorgeous
    Rosie x

  17. Beautiful page, Maisie and a wonderful word! xxx Keren

  18. I have to admit that I am a "tarabiscoter" enthusiast - or a "tarabiscoterist". There is nothing that makes me happier than piling on loads of random stuff on cards, tags, boxes and more! This post made me giggle so much - I love this new "tarabiscoter" word that I have learned. I feel like making one of those big dictionary type formatting layouts with the word and all its accompanying conjugations. Thank you so much for leaving a sweet message on my blog. I was so taken by your tag right from the start, so when you won I felt like I had placed a winning bet on it or somthing like that!

  19. Brilliant word and interpretation, I love your over decorated page.

    Sylv xx

  20. This has to be the best page I have visited yet. L


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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