Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Y is for... Youyou (what else?)

OK, so it's time to post my latest entry for The Craft Barn's Dictionary Challenge, and this fortnight's challenge letter is the letter Y - with the twist (gee thanks!) that we had to use the colour Yellow - you see what they did there, don't you?

Letter Y, fine - it had to come sooner or later, didn't it? But what a STINKER. By now you will probably know that I am using an old (1979) French-English Dictionary, so my chosen words are all French. I've got to say, this is the first time I was tempted to cheat and go for a word from the English-French end of the dictionary! I had a total of 18 words to choose from, which when narrowed down to those which were
  1. NOT the same word as the English equivalent
  2. NOT a town
  3. Something I had actually heard of and so had a chance of depicting
I was left with 2 words, yeux (eyes) and youyou. Throw in the yellow twist and short of trying to make some jaundiced eyes in to a reasonable page I was really only left with the wonderful sounding youyou.

The OTHER problem I had with this page is that there are so few Y and Z words in the dictionary that I can't give each letter its own page as I have with the letters completed so far, so I only had a space roughly 2.5w x 3h inches to play with...NIGHTMARE!

"So what is a youyou?" I here you cry, it is (of course) a... dinghy. I am sure that TECHNICALLY it is a rubber dinghy, which, whilst it would have worked brilliantly with the yellow twist, I couldn't for the life of me work out how I was going to make. I have opted instead for a sailing dinghy, cunningly contrived in origami, with a yellow sail and jaunty blue flag. I hope you like it - 'cos it was a right fiddle to make!

The definition - just to prove I'm not making it up!

Some close ups...

I name this ship...

So there you have it, a teeny tiny youyou - I tell you what - if nothing else, this challenge has been an education!

Thanks for visiting, please let me know you came and I'll try and reciprocate.


  1. Looks like that Y was a real challenge !!! Great page ! Ali #49

  2. What a fantastic post!! You do learn something new every day, don't you! I'd never heard of youyou before, but now I'll never forget it :-)
    Crack a bottle of champagne across its bows and wish her Bon Voyage!!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xxxx

  3. Briliant little Youyou. Loved your story and I think you solved your dilemma with flair.

  4. You're spreading the knowledge too! Love it!!! A master stroke with the origami dinghy. You really are putting so much great thought and effort into this challenge. Hugs, Jenny x

  5. Great word! I thought it was a yacht when I first saw it but now I know its a youyou!

  6. Actually, I'm not that keen on champagne...please may I have a Navy ration tot of rum? I'll scrub the youyou decks and everything...
    LLJ xx

  7. Love your origami youyou - I hope you have small fingers! The things we do for this challenge eh.A very cute addition to your dictionary.

  8. Brilliant and very inventive. Love your sailing youyou!

  9. You have made me laugh, Maisie, thanks because I am soo nervous!
    I think I would still like to see the yellow eyes interpretation! I am so impressed with your origami skills.

    Rosie x

  10. Oh, you did make me laugh too - out loud! I think my daughter who was in the room thought I'd gone crazy! Well, more so! It was worth it Maisie - that little boat is delightful! I love, love, love this page! Julie Ann xx

  11. Hi Maisie, I had never heard of this word but love it! What a great find and what a lovely way to illustrate it! Hugs Frea

  12. That's a gorgeous idea, love your little youyou.

  13. Oh I love your little origami youyou!! Clever page!!

  14. Your 'outside the box' thinking skills are certainly something.

    Are your origami skills going to unfold elsewhere in your challenges I wonder? (Please excuse the pun)

    Truly lovely.

  15. Sweet little boat, clever thinking.

  16. Fabulous page, love the origami.

    Sylv xx

  17. Kiwi in Timbertown. Love the origami. Great page.

  18. We feel your pain at the French- English dictionary with very few definitions, especially when we stupidly opted for only words that translated to the same. We must say tho, you've made a fabbo job f your word, we love your little dinghy.

  19. Fiddly for you, lovely for me! Great work!

  20. it's beautiful and very clever...
    can you still close your book?
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn


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