Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WOYWW #217

Hello!!! I'm back...

I've been AWOL from WOYWW, and blogland in general, because the Moonshine Mob were taking their show on the road and wandering the highways and I mean HIGHways of the bEEEEautiful Swiss Alps. (pics later if you're interested).

Needless to say there has been zero crafting going on here at Moonshine Manor, until today that is. Mr M, having driven 2000+ miles in the last 12 days, has returned to work (poor chap) and I am now kicking back with Moonshine's Major and Minor to enjoy the rest of the long summer break. (I'm in denial about AS results and UCAS applications - just for this week).

So, and the whole reason you're visiting, (and if not you need to head on over to Julia's patch here to find out about the fun you're missing out on) what is on my workdesk this wet Wednesday morn?..

I'm working on my latest entry for The Craft Barn's Dictionary Challenge (what - again? you say) , the deadline for which is this Sunday, so I'd better get my skates on. At this stage I am layering up my background - I say layering, but they are flat layers - otherwise I can't shut the book!

Also on my desk you can see my trusty sewing machine - I'd like to say that I've been doing some fabulous art with stitched details a la Marit over at Marit's Paper World, but sadly it is there for a far more prosaic reason - hemming two pairs of trousers. Maybe if I leave it out all summer it will inspire me to have a go?

If you look closely you can see a tin of Caran D'ache Neocolor IIs, which I picked up in a supermarket in Gstaad (daaarling!) for the amazing sum of 11GBP (my pound sign key doesn't work - well it does but it makes a # not a pound sign - must Google a fix). Caran D'Ache is a Swiss company so I was delighted to pick these up for such a good price.

There is also a pile of receipts, tickets and other ephemera waiting for me to do a mini book of our trip (don't hold your breath - I still haven't started the one from our Paris strip in 2007!)

Bottom left is my box of embossing powders - I need a bigger box, as the pots you can see out of the box don't fit in the box and have to be taken off  the box when I want to open the box.

The big lilac thingy on the right is the folder I store my masks and stencils in. Don't think there's anything else noteworthy enough to tell you about.

Anyhoo Julia likes us to keep things brief and this kind of isn't so I'll stop waffling now and let you get on with your Wednesday. Unless of course you'd like to see some holiday pics - only a few - I promise!

The view from our chalet

Sunset viewed from the balcony

A genuine Alpine meadow (and not the best one we saw either!) - we were amazed by the sheer variety of flowers we saw on The Alps, flowers which we buy from garden centres just growing there on the sides of the mountain - STUNNING!

Our chalet

The Grand St Bernard Pass

A bone fido (tee hee - brings to mind a Victoria Wood sketch) St Bernard on the Grand St Bernard Pass

Lake Geneva - on a very hot day

Very clear, very cold water, but the younger Moonshine's braved it for a swim.

Inside our chalet

The MASTER bedroom - HUUUUGE!

Such a fabulous holiday, despite the two days drive there and back (driving back through France the outside temperature went up to 37 degrees C (98.6F) - THANK HEAVENS for air-conditioned cars!. The Alps are so beautiful in the summer - I would really recommend them as a holiday destination, but some of those mountain roads are not for the faint hearted - it never ceases to amaze me how much faith highways authorities put in the crash resistance properties of orange string!

Thanks for visiting enjoy your day.

P.S.  Got my pound sign back in Word but not in Blogger - hmmm...


  1. That is one seriously creative looking desk! x

  2. I've always wanted to go to Switzerland and now...I REALLY want to! Your pics are amazing and your chalet is fab, did you go via a travel company? And there's scary roads in the Uk too..I drove along a track around the mountains at Llangollen which was a brown underpants moment, I can tell you!!!
    So do you live near Chirk then? It's a beautiful part of the country, we were very sad to leave.......I would like to be a volunteer at the castle too..tell your folks we stayed at The House by the was fab!!
    We must be if a similar era as my youngest is waiting for AS results eldest is already at Cardiff Uni!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  3. Wow! Stunning pics! Really tempted by this as a holiday destination now and loved Mr Bone Fido St Bernard. Missed your great sense of humour and lovely art work. Welcome back. Julie Ann #12

  4. Me again too! My youngest, who is 17, is also a military history and ancient weapons nut!! And while we were at Chirk, the National Trust advisor was there doing a weekend event about the ancient muskets collection...Rhys was like a pig in....well, you know what ;-)
    LLJ xx
    Thanks for the travel info too, will file that away......

  5. Fabulous photographs - it looks absolutely gorgeous and the St Bernard joke make me chortle out loud :-D

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE in Greece #58

  6. Absolutely beautiful views!!! I don't think I'd have much faith in orange string either!! Have fun with the mini book when you get round to it! ♥ Karen ♥ 56 x

  7. Your pics really took me back when I went to Austria as a teenager. Makes me want to go back! Love your website with all those lovely flowers. Anyway, thanks for your kind comments on pyrography, and mine in particular. I can't always do it, having breathing problems - not caused by the pyrography, I assure you! Have a good crafting week, john-w #23

  8. Thanks for the trip abroad it was a refreshing break and j like your tablecloth
    Lynn :)

  9. We got waylaid at the swiss alps, thinking of Toblerone, yes we can turn anything into food! We're slightly green with envy at your neocolours, yet another want on our wishlist.

    Hugs from the bears @#78

  10. A lovely trip through Switzerland - thank you. Never been there, but always thought it looked so beautiful. It does! great desk this morning - hope you get your dictionary done in time.
    Thanks for already visiting. Sorry you couldn't guess what the project is - daren't tell yet!!
    Have a great week.

  11. Such lovely photos of your Swiss trip and your chalet was gorgeous! I don't do cliff edge driving very well... either as a passenger or a driver and have been known to tell Dh that i would get out and walk! LOL Annette #1 for the first time in 4 years!

  12. Ooh Switzerland looks gorgeous!! Our family holiday is still a few weeks away (all grown ups now so we can go outside the school hols) but we are really looking forward to it. Good for you doing the dictionary challenge. I was tempted but never started - probably just as well as I have been doing a different one for about five years and only have 6 letters done. Might be finished by the time I retire LOL. Thanks for the visit, Cindy x

  13. Gorgeous photos of your holiday. Lots of possible scrap pages there! I have never been to Switzerland but now I might!
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B #43

  14. What a wonderful holiday that must have been, the photos are just breath taking!!
    Krisha #108

  15. Fabulous photos of your holiday. I must take a look at the craft barn challenge too.
    Happy Wednesday to you.
    Karin #122

  16. What a fantastic holiday- that scenery is amazing. I agree, we find it scary when a sheer drop is protected by a length of luminous string! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #22

  17. Thanks for visiting me! I love what you have going on on your desk. And beautiful holiday pics! Uniflame - 81

  18. Happy WOYWW! Your photos are stunning, I have always wanted to go to Switzerland and probably never will, can't do mountains now anyway!

    That is my trouble, everything too much for the box!

    Cazzy x #92

  19. Woah! I'm so envious ... as it happens I watched a documentary about some pupils who volunteered for an experiment where they adapted the life of boarding school pupils in the 50ies. It was settled in a hotel in Davos/Switzerland - and I've been kind of homesick while watching it :-) When I've been much younger I stayed there for several health cures and it almost felt like a second home to me. The surroundings look so very beautiful ... *sighs*
    And I'm so glad I'm done with the alpha challenge already this time, sadly I missed it a few times.
    Suzanne xx

  20. WOW what a busy and creative desk this week! Love the pictures of your vacation. DH has been to Europe three times this year already and is going back to Austria in not fun so I stay at home and wish! Have fun working on your pages Have a creative week! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a nice comment. Vickie #80

  21. Wow your holiday pics all look fabulous and I am loving your desk. I may have to go and see what your dictionary challenge is all about too. Have a great week. Danie #25

  22. Wow I see LOTS of fun goodies! And what great photos from there. Sure is a pretty place :-)Im a newbie and just kinda stumbling around. Thanks for sharing.
    Roberta #122

  23. glad the Moonshine clan had a great hol. Beautiful pics brings back faded memories of visiting Austria in '6o's.

    Love your page, creative yet again.


  24. Pictures of Switzerland are gorgeous, Lake Geneva is quite stunning. Do the mini book while you've got the scents and flavours in your head - you'll be so much more pleased with it than one done later. Wise words huh. Learned by experience, naturally!!

  25. I'm a bit late visiting this week....I had a really manic day yesterday with my sewing. Thought I'd call in before today became the same!
    Amazing photos....can see why you had a great time.
    A x # 3

  26. Good Afternoon MM,
    stunning views - I'm surprised you came back.
    Off to post my T page after catching a few desks
    Thanks for stopping by

  27. Hi Maisie! You make me laugh so - "crash resistance properties of orange string". I have thought the same thing and never would be able to drive in the mountains!! Thank heaven my sister and brother-in-law don't seem to mind so we travel with them. :) My husband would never venture beyond the states if it was just the two of us. Your hubby deserves much kudos for his driving courage.

  28. Hey that's MY sewing machine, I have a Janome too - SNAP. Luck you to be able to have it out and still have room to craft.. It is one or the other for me. Thanks for visiting my post-hols desk BJ#120

  29. Done quite a few trips through Switzerland and Austria years ago so your pictures were especially delightful to see - could almost smell that fresh mountain air.
    Gosh you are a busy bee, so much on your desk and so much to tell us - really enjoyed the read.
    Take care and good luck at finishing things for Sunday.
    Hugs, Neet 19 xx

  30. Awesome post, Maisie, full of wonderful eye candy! Your holiday sounds and looks like a trip to Paradise! I'm thrilled for you and happy you made it there and back safely!

    Thank you for visiting me! Happy Belated WOYWW and have a wonderful week! (Loved your funny about having a spectacular boss now ... and that you're self-employed!!) Darnell #118

  31. Hi Maisie, sorry for the lateness
    Fab Pics
    Rosie x

  32. I've been having trouble with the Internet connection so not sure my comment posted the other day. Sorry if this is a dupe. Love the pics of your vaca! Lucky you to go to Switzerland! Fab desk and the T page is magnificent!

  33. Oh... just getting a chance to do my snooping. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan G #75


Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts. Maisie Moonshine x

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